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Program Director: Marcus Goodman, DO, FAAD, FAOCD

Program Coordinator: Sandy Edwards

Total approved residency positions: 6

Accreditation status: Continued Accreditation 0801200030

Accredited Length of Training:

3 years


The PCOM Dermatology Residency Program in Roswell, Georgia, offers a diverse patient mix, abundant surgical and Mohs experience, intense dermatopathology training, and a family environment. Our residency program, which began July 1, 2014, was designed to provide clinical, didactic, and surgical experience in the private practice and inpatient settings. As a result, our graduates are competent and well-equipped to practice dermatology immediately upon graduation.


We have a 100% board pass rate (ABD and AOBD).

2,500+ Mohs cases per year.

50,000+ outpatient visits per year. 

Our residents learn in a supportive environment focused on challenging, diverse cases, leadership development, business acumen, personal growth, and ethical practices. We are solely dedicated to providing the most compassionate care to our patients while delivering the highest quality service in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. 

Not only do our residents enjoy their time in the clinic, hospital, or pathology lab, they regularly participate in community skin cancer screenings, attending state/national dermatology conferences, and kickball leagues. 

We recruit the best and brightest applicants from across the country to join our team that demonstrate the kindness and diligence our patients deserve. Thank you for your interest in our program!

Our ERAS & NRMP track program code is 2158080R0



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